Phone Listings From Area Code 971-223 State Of Oregon

Area Code :971-223
Phone Type :Landline
Phone Company :Xo Oregon, Inc.
Country :USA - United States
City :Beaverton
County :Washington

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That number is from Skype, the messaging service from Microsoft

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Haha ... I had to laugh, and keep laughing when this guy called me. Pretty much same story as most of these... Indian, heavy accent, hard to understand. Told me he was calling about a grant. I told him I wasnt interested. He said this is not for education and I was going to get free money from the US government for my own personal use that I never had to pay back. I started laughing at him, I asked him if he even lived in the United States. He said he did. I said, if you do, then you know this government and are trying to tell me that they are going to give me money I never have to pay back?? He said yes mam! I am going to have you talk to my adviser and they are going to ask you qualifying questions and here is how you will answer these questions. He asked a few questions, all the while telling me how to answer them - what is your favorite subject, when did you graduate, how important is education to you. This money is not coming from the government but from the education department, so you will qualify and depending on how interested you sound will depend on how much money you get. He wanted to know what I would use it for. i said if it is personal then why would it matter what I use it for? He said they just want to know how interested I am ... I said well how much am I supposedly getting, because if i get $10 then i would buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, how am I supposed to tell you what i would do with an unknown amount of money? He says well you must not be interested, I said of course I am interested in free money, but there is no such thing as free money - I am still just waiting for you to tell me what the catch is. He got back to his questions and asked me if I owned a computer. I told him no, he said you dont own a computer? I said no. He said is your email address I said I dont have an email address. I said how do I supposedly receive this money? he said it is sent to my address, he asks me is your address - rambles some address off from upstate NY, I laughed and said no, that is not my address. He said the adviser will ask you what your email address is, just give them the email, they just need to send you a confirmation email and tell you how much you qualify for. (the same one I told him did not belong to me) . I said to him, you want me to give them an email address that doesnt belong to me so they can send me information I will never receive? He said what about family or friends email address . I said seriously, you want me to give them an email address that probably belongs to the person who lives at the address you gave me? I said him, I would never give out someones email without their permission, he then tells me, You are wasting your time and hangs up on me! I tried to call this phone number back, but i get a recording that says The number you dialed cannot be reached from your calling area... I knew this was a scam from the get go - my hope in answering these calls is that they take my number out of their system. I am on the do not call list and so far my approach has worked pretty well. I barely ever receive calls from people like this. I just hope that no one thinks this is for real and is smart enough to not divulge any personal information to these scam artists - I am on a computer right now, which is indeed my own, but he has absolutely no need to know i I do own a computer, he also did in fact have my correct email address - but again he doesnt need to know that. The mailing address was not mine, but with the email address when he wanted me to use one I told him didnt belong to me! There were so many things wrong with this conversation right from start!!! I hope people are smart and dont fall for this.

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i have gotten 8-10 messages from this number so far, and it is getting old, fast. always the same stupid web address that i cannot access from this ancient, free phone.

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Keep calling about a loan I dont know about

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Got a spam text from 215-716-1168 to add kennedygirlie3 to IM contacts

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Dont know why the person is not leaving the message.

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